Create memories help?

Hey! I would love to do a story where each episode has an item/anything that unlocks a memory bonus. I would love to pm someone about the story and details, and go over ideas about the memories and what should be a memory item or anything to unlock.
Because I don’t have a lot of ideas to what should be in the memories as I want the story to be 15-20 Episodes. (Mostly because of the pacing and things i’m planning) And I would love some ideas to it!

I want the readers to have a choice and that choice will lead to them unlocking a memory if they make the right choice that unlocks the memory. As a little mini game I suppose while reading? ^^ But it doesn’t have to be a big deal, just something that is a nice addition to the story.

I would love the memories to be sweet and light romantic, but I would love it they could be other than that too, maybe why a fight started or something and so.
Would love some help with some ideas for memories!

Short description about the story:
The MC’S love interest is in a coma and while being there for her LI, we see her go through stuff and how it is with her friends group and his friends group. While she slowly has to take a choice at the end, growing. Then I would love the memories to be about the MC and LI.
The people will be around the age after they’ve finished college. Age isn’t decided yet.

That sounds goood :thinking:
But they’re not going to school :joy: - I should probably say that in the start! so sorry for that, i’ll edit it! :see_no_evil:
They’re grown people, around 25 ish or younger. I was thinking they are like just finished with college but idk so might edit the ages but shouldn’t be younger than 20.

I want choices in general in the story but I want an additional choice that will unlock a memory for each episode ^^

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