Create my Alien GaME

Create my Alien Game

How to play

In this game…
Person A has to give a name for your alien, a gender, and what kind of looks that gender of said alien or the looks for the aliens of the entire species has like Green skin, blue eyes, etc. and it has to be described like Person A is creating a new ethnicity or race of aliens and then Person B must create a unique alien character based off of the info on the species’ appearance you gave Or you can reply a name of a species or simply just the name of the alien person then Person B must create an alien out of their imagination and the character’s species must be named the name Person A calls their species or the character must be named the name Person A named the character.

And Person B HAS to create the character in any type of episode style, whether it be :slight_smile:

classic image ,

or ink .

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assuming i’m person A because there’s no other comments
i want the alien to be a guy,his name is Orion
his appearance:
white skin
purple eyes
• pastel purple medium hair
• for eyebrows,black is fine
• medium lips,the color should be the lightet available (somewhat close enough to white bcz episode doesn’t have white lipstick (i think))
• straight pointed nose
• for face shape,i want pointed ears


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ORION :blush:


OOO I REALLY LIKE IT :heart_eyes:

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:relaxed: i’m glad u liked it

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I must be person C since I’m the second person A. I’d like…
Style: Classic
Gender: Female
Name: Imani
Just give her the most unnatural looking facial features, haircut, and a fantasy outfit.