Create tappable overlays

Hi everyone, I am looking for someone who can do tappable overlays, I would really like to have a tappable evidence board, so things like pinned photos of suspects, murder clues, and crime scene and pinned documents, also the ability to shuffle the items when it comes to revealing who the detective thinks killed the victim, with there picture, the weapon and motive.

I have the notice board unless someone can find a proper evidence board.


Thanks but rather than a code I was looking for overlays to be created.

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Yes I listed them in original post, I realise there is a code for tappable overlays but I’m sure there is an overlay that you can create that you can do the tappable code to.

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I don’t think you get me, thanks for responding though!

Hey Katie.

Check my drive (link in my profile), go to Backgrounds- Backgrounds original.

There you’ll find Interrogation Room 2.
It has all needed what you need.

But you need to upload your suspects to portal as png and use that together with this background and its overlays. Those Characters’ pngs you’ll then use for tappables and you need nothing more.

I’d like to show you an example, but for some reason there’s no icon to post image. @Jeremy? @Sydney_H?

Oh you are a life saver!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

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7th button from the left :smiley:

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No, in fact it’s down right, just up of “done”. I found it yesterday.

It would be better if you can by any chance place it in upper line with all other icons, Jeremy, because “Done” is too close,

Nope, we have no control over the layout of the buttons. Sorry =(

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Well you can change the size of field itself or the size of buttons. :smiley:

Nope…we really can’t. But feel free to keep contributing idea’s and feedback. It is all taken into consideration and reviewed :slight_smile:

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