Create wardrobes with if/elif/else conditions

Hello everyone!

I was writing my story and suddenly a thought came up in my mind… Is it possible to create special wardrobes through if/elif/else conditions?

To better explain this, let me put it into perspective.

Your character, throughout the story, will have choices where she can either earn Love or Friendship points (this is just an example ofc). And those points will then allow your character to unlock special wardrobes depending on what points are leading - Love or Friendship points.

So, she would unlock the Friendship wardrobe if she had more Friendship points than Love points, and vice versa.

BUT… To do this you need to have some kind of condition system to help episode identify which wardrobe your character would unlock based on her points, and this is where the if/elif/ else conditions come.

So, now that I have explained, does anyone know how I could make this possibly work?

If you do, please share your knowledge here! It is much needed! :blue_heart:

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Create a character with the name FRIENDSHIP and a character with the name LOVE
you add points to them as you would with any other character through choices

if you use normal choices for the outfits, it would be really easy to do

choice [shouldPaginate: YES]
“outfit 1” {

} “outfit 2” {

} “outfit 3” (FRIENDSHIP >3) {

} “outfit 4” (LOVE =2) {



Oh, I see! This is super helpful, thank you!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: My other question is, if I wanna have the option of the wardrobe locked for the one the MC has the least amount of points, how do I do it?:thinking:


uhhhh I’d say something like this
let’s use 0 as the less points one could have

if (FRIENDSHIP =0) {
I’m sorry, you don’t have enough points to choose your outfit.
} else {

What outfit would you like to try on?



What outfit would you like to try on?

“option 1” if (LOVE >0) {

} “option 2” if (LOVE >0) {

} “option 3” if (LOVE =3) {

} “Wardrobe” if (LOVE =0) {

I’m sorry! You don’t hve enough points to choose your outfit.


note that i’ve never tried combining a locked choice with the if, so it might not work (but I really hope it does)


Thank you so much!:blush: I will try that and I’ll let you know if it worked.

Also, this is super cute of you, thanks!:blue_heart:


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