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Hello this is where you can tell me about your episode story you would like to create. Would it be romantic dramatic. Who is it about a popular person basically you would tell is what we oi uld happen in your story

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Well, I don’t really want to say everything since I don’t want people to steal the idea.

But, in general, my upcoming story is called “The Twins.” The twins are rich yet their parents demand that they get a job. They get a job, but it’s nothing like they’d expect it to be.

It’s going to be a mystery and a thriller story, with some added romance.


I am writing my first story and its name is Until You Find My Heart

Printemps use to read fantasy books all the time, she always thought it did’nt exist until that she discover that she is herself the person of the legend of Mackinta who says A woman one day will lost her heart she will have 10 days to find it otherwise she will die .
The day is here, a Russian mafia leader, Charles Iklovskì steal Printemps’s heart.
Printemps go after Iklovskì. During her trip, she cross path with a sexy gang leader, Travis, who is searching for Charles Iklovskì too! They decide to search the Russian together. What nobody knows is that the woman from the legend will not die if she find love during the 10 day…

PS:This is not the final description at all: I am trying to find a way to reduce it!!!


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