CREATE YOUR OWN ART SCENE (easy, no drawing skills needed)

I just found a way to make a cool art scene without having drawing skills !
You’ll need to use the app “Live Portrait Maker” (avaible on Android & IOS).

exemple of a character i made :

(!!)TO READ : This app was created by Angela He, a talented artist. She also made a visual game called “there’s this girl” who’s really beautiful and touching (download : IOS | ANDROID).
She drew everything in the apps, so please CREDIT HER with her instagram @zephybite on your story.

Follow the steps below :

Step 1 : Choose your character gender

  • For a girl character, download this app : IOS | ANDROID
  • For a boy character, download this app : IOS | ANDROID

Step 2 : Customize your character

  • Make sure that your character look like the one you want to create an art scene for !

  • You can change everything, eyes, clothes, etc…

Step 3 : Add poses/effects

  • Now let’s make this art scene come to life ! Add props, hands poses (they aren’t free, but it isn’t expensive)

  • Then add effects ! You can add a glitch effect, water effect, etc…


After that, just upload it to your story ! You just made a simple art scene by yourself !

I dont think you can use it unleash she has made the art royalty free

In her app she said that we can use the creations as we want, but we must not commercialize it, so I think we can still use it if we don’t use gems in our story.

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commercialize I think that is what episode does, I am not 100% sure though. and is the reason why it has to be royalty free


Yeah I understand. I’m going to try to ask the artist then,

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