Create your own character!

In my story I need help creating many princes personalities using LIMELIGHT. Your person could be featured in my story. (You will be given credit) I really need help from you guys! All you have to do is fill out this form. :arrow_down:

- Photo of your character
- Personality
- Name
- Backround info (name of kingdom, family, etc. )


Name: Liam Harrington
Personality: Charming, funny, protective/caring.
Background: Kingdom name - Lani. Family members mom, and his brother, dad died. Lives in a big modern day castle. His family is very powerful and persuasive.

Name: Charlotte Anastasia Darrington
Body: Rose 02
Brow: Arched Natural (deep brown)
Hair: Lob Bangs Blunt (blonde medium)
Eyes: Female Generic (ice blue)
Face: Diamond Defined Contour
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Full Round Pouty (fair gold matte)

Pumps Closed Round White
Princess Tiara Silver Dimond Grey Light Cool
Leaf Motif Double Hanging Earrings Metal Silver
Choker Floor Length V Neck Dress Grey Ivory
Freckles Heavy (04-07)

Personality: caring person, romantic, introvert, impulsive, talkative (when you meet her better)
Kingdom: Kiterith Kingdom (this is made up, just to know)
Family: Mother Eliza, Father Jacob, brother Royce.
Hobbies: painting, reading, riding.

• feel free to tell me if this isn’t enough information :’)

So cute!! I love that! Thank you!

Thank you! May i ask if you do her brother Royce? I like the backstory too.

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of course! sorry for late reply tho, i was in cinema. and also please notify me when story comes out, i have a v good feeling ab it :heart:

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Name: Royce George Darrington
Body: Rose 03
Brow: Straight Medium (chestnut brown)
Hair: Generic Short (blonde medium)
Eyes: Deepset Downturned Lidded (green emerald)
Face: Chiseled Square Stubble Shaved
Nose: Grecian Narrow
Lips: Medium Straight Natural (pink peach medium matte)

Suit Shirt Combo Tie Velvet Blue Royal
Oxford Cap Toe Leather Black
Wedding Uniform Cotton Blue Raven
• i didn’t really know how to dress him lmao.

Personality: stubborn, ambitious, sarcastic, brave, rebel, can be unsure of himself sometimes (he’s opposite of his sister)
Kingdom: Kiterith Kingdom
Family: Mother Eliza, Father Jacob, sister Charlotte
Hobbies: writing, traveling, gardening (he does it when he wants to relax)

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i can also make more families if you want? i see you wrote you needed many characters :’)

Yes! That would be a big help. Thank you so much!
I espically need more princes with these characteristics:

The snobby
The gentle
The insecure
The protector
The stubborn


i have just realized that i read princess insted of princes omg, i’m so sorry

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:joy: your good.