Create Your Own Opposite Gender Self!


So I realized how there are few people in the community have another character of their own but in a different gender :thinking: So I was thinking… Would it be fun to make a guy version of yourself as a girl or vice vera? :smiley: So I will start to give an example :grin:

My name is Vivi and this is me originally :slight_smile:

This is Vincent, my male version of myself :wink:


This is Female me:

And this is male me:


Both of the Chocos are so gorgeous :heart_eyes:


So this is me elie

Andd this is eliot my male version :grin:


Girl version me and guy version me

His name is Levi lol


We’ve got Lyra:

And Lyran :joy::


Thank you! :joy:


alisha alishawn

Alisha and Alishawn. xD


Tess and Teo? Idk :laughing:


Here is Dominick and Dominique :joy:


Shadow and Sheldon


I am one of those people who uses a male and female version and just FYI, some of the people you’ve seen with male and female versions of themselves are non-binary and not doing it just for fun! :slight_smile: Here are mine


Sheldon is a whole ass mood.


Normani and Norman


Annika and Annakin


Screenshot_4 Screenshot_3


Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2


Jo and Joe :smile:



And Female Me


Alexis and Alexei, If I was a guy I’d probably have locs but the locs in LL look like worms. So I chose this instead :joy::joy::joy:


I never knew you were that light. :open_mouth: So pretty. :heart:


i’m a bit darker but couldn’t really find a tone that looked right :joy: thanks though