Create Your Own Outfit Game - Template

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Here’s an outfit game I made a while back where you get to choose from 3 tops, 3 bottoms, and 3 shoes to create your own outfit.

BE WARNED! This is an extremely complicated code! I advise to not try to use this code if you are not an advanced director and are not familiar with if/elif/else or the point system!!

Using this template means you will have to create 39 different outfits

  • Create 3 different outfits with just the bottoms (no tops or shoes. ADD A BRA)
  • Create 9 outfits for bottom with tops combinations
    • (1)Bottom1 with Top1 - (2)Bottom1 with Top2 - (3)Bottom1 with Top3
    • (4)Bottom2 with Top1 - (5)Bottom2 with Top2 - (6)Bottom3 with Top3
    • (7)Bottom3 with Top1 - (8)Bottom3 with Top2 - (9)Bottom3 with Top3
  • Then create all the 27 different combinations (with top, bottom, and shoes)

This template uses the point system for 2 different characters, so you will need to create characters named BOTTOMS and SHIRTS

Here is a video of how the game works.

I used Limelight for the template, but it also works with INK. You just need to change the Limelight animations to INK animations.
Also, you can change the zooms to better fit your scene.



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This thread helped so much! I’ll be sure to give you credit! I tweaked the template, so I want to share it with you. One problem I found was the “Choose this!” button allows the player to pick no clothes. I made sure the button shows up after the player picked one of the clothing items. Here’s the link:

Bottom and Shirt? So you can not use this with costumizable characters?

Yes you can.

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