Create yourself


So I just created myself (well kinda my hair color isn’t like that I just can’t find the right one and my eye color isn’t the same one considering that I have a mixed eye color of blue and green). what do you guys think?? can you guys show me you’re self as a LL character?

I would also wear these clothes tbh. but I would have had black socks
no hate please


Gonna move this to Episode Fan Community since it involves Episode assets. :wink:



so beautifull!


@Minoesje Your hair is like a really dark brown right? Mine too. I wish they had a darker version.


Thank you. :heart:


yep I hope so to :heart:


Baby face incoming!

My hair is a lot darker & kinkier than this. :joy: But ah well, it’s the best I could do since there isn’t much options.






My ugly character shows up… Doesn’t really look like me but who cares :woman_shrugging:

How I look like in LL

I dress kind of modest


Like this but w a septum and the shirt tucked in I guess :thinking:


they don’t have my hair texture but I bought and wore hair like this before soooo :smirk:


I love people with bushy eyebrows, idk why. :smile: So pretty.


Haha me too… that why I fill mine in lol :sunglasses:


I think i look close like this :joy:


That’s me, lol! :joy:



It's me!

It's me up close!