Created mistake

I create a story and change a bunch of thing like I change my characters hair into different one and then restore it back to its original form until that satisfied me and finally I put in my save files, but when I tried to test it my current character hair styles stay into new hair and inteads into the original and I don’t know how to fix it! But I returned to summary my story everything fine I don’t know why in my save story is very different ! When it’s supposed to be the same. And how do I delete some story when the limit is only up to five room you can have?

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Too complex for me to understand.

May be @Dara.Amarie can help.

Did you get an error?

Also, did you use the hair changing code or just changed it in the character section (some people make that mistake)

@/bnmfxo is right
you can either click navigation > reset story progress or reload the webpage.

And how do you do that on the phone?

Will I was trying to put short hair on this character but then I decided to create her/his previous life also by putting a big hair which work by the way but when I decided to put it back to its original form everything perfect! Not until I decide to save it that when everything went wrong!

While viewing your story on your mobile device, there is a button called “navigation” on the right side of the screen. Clicking on that will bring up another menu where you can select “reset story progress”

How exactly do I find the navigation on the right is not close to setting is it? I can’t seem to find it on my iPhone! What the first step to get there anyway?


Ok but will it take care of it if I go to replay bottom? Cause I’m trying to delete one of the five resume story that I had and I can’t started if one of them is not deleted!

Is your story shared?

I think i only saved not share it yet!

I’m pretty sure you can only delete episodes on laptops or computers.

Will I want to download this in my computer too but my computer has 32 (I think ) which won’t allowed me to download! plus I don’t even know the title of this game very well!

I think it got even worst!


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You can’t download the app? You can write stories on laptop/compiter devices on websites.

Yea I found it the hard way in my computer! Why so hard to create stories in the computer than at app? I can’t seem to grasped of why when you put a new episode the to be continued is always not in the right spot!

I’d think that scripting would be harder on the website as you have to focus on the different scripts to use in your stories. You can find tutorials on youtube which are created by Jospeh Evans and there’s also a website with guides already created for you to use.

Wow that a lots to work on and a bit hard to do By reading it! Script templates why so confusing to understand!, I heard that some of this is can’t be use not unless you get a code or something is that true?


how do I put bubble or Put more characters in the stories instead of only five limit?

Well, there is special features for people who work for episode. If that’s what you mean?