Creating a brand new story


I’d love to hear your feedback on this

I’m in the middle of writing a manuscript. It’s a series of stories based upon a mafia family starting in Spain and ending in Russia many generations later.

Would you read the story and short stories or would you wanna read something else?

If you would read something else, what would it be?

I have been writing on episode for a few years but never really got anywhere.

I’m hoping for some feedback from the community so that I can start over, and write for you with what you would actually want to read.

There are a lot of gang stories on episode, i think what you would need to think about is what makes yours different and stand out amongst the rest? It’s difficult because there are a lot of similar stories out there, but as long as you’re creative I’m sure it will be great! Good luck with your story though, if you need more feedback you can always drop me a message x


I don’t know, your mafia story will get stuck in traffic, there is many stories about it, probably a million… So… I don’t think it will get you some where.

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You need to find a way to make ur story unique as there’s already a lot of stories about gangs and mafias and ur story wouldn’t be out there so you needa add on more to your idea.

Thank you

I can always do with a little help, a little advice

Hmm :thinking:


So, maybe not write it on episode, just as a proper manuscript

So, what sort of things should I be writing about then?

I wouldn’t even know how to do that

At least not without changing every single character story

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You need to have a plot twist something that gets readers like omg this is different

I have the story all written down, have done since August last year

I wrote it originally in INK then I deleted it because I felt as if I wasn’t getting anywhere

Now I have re written it in LL (only chapter one) but I don’t know if I should publish it because nobody read the last one, or any of my other stories before

I felt so discouraged and don’t really know what to do

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U can have people proofread it!