Creating a choice for choosing different characters with the character’s Picture

Hi, I Need to give the reader a choice to choose a particular person, who hadn’t interacted with the MC before. How do I do it?
For an example: in the story “kiss list” , the main character gets to choose a person she wants to date with…and while choosing, she gets to see how they look(A choice with a character’s picture)…
So how do I code that

This one I mean

You need to put the characters at particular spots and shift them to the front with the move code and add points and stuff…kind of like Dara Amarie’s Arrow dressing game

Like add a different number of points for each person and incase they want to change, use elifs to go to each character (If going to Justin added 3 points and the amount of points are three…go to Justin)

I know this was confusing but I can’t really explain it better

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Oh Thanks a Lot !! @Dara.Amarie :relaxed:

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