Creating A Newspaper: Art Resources


Is there anyone who can create a newspaper about a missing twins in Maryland for my new story?

Just something simple and short that will catch the reader attention when reading the newspaper and if you need more details I can let you know.


Ofc! I will send you a link to mine and @teahwalkers’s thread in a sec so you can see examples.


If she cant we can


Here are examples!



Thank you!


Thanks! I see the thread and it’s great. I don’t know how to start off. But for a newspaper I just want a plain white background with the title above bold basically saying about the missing twins girl and have a short summary which I can tell you, if you want and the newspaper it’s from Maryland. I’m sure you both have a great ideas on how to do it. I hope I’m making sense this is my first time asking about making a newspaper about a missing twins girl.


I can request there for a newspaper from Episode Harmony?




I went to you both page and I’m going over the rules before I ask for request needed to make a newspaper and once again thank you!


Okay. I’m just going over the rules before I ask for a request there and thank you, once again!


Hey we can still do it, I was reviewing a story when you said that. But if you want them to it it’s ok.


Thank you so much for the opportunity @MadisonW so as @TeahWalker. I’ve took the time to look at your page and reading the rules and see amazing artwork, overlays, etc that you both have created for those who needed a request but I decided to go with Episode Harmony @Epy.raven.

Hopefully if I ever need a different request, I’ll make sure to come to you both, is that OK with both of you?


Awww thx do you need a profile pic also


Of course it’s ok!


I feel you do need a profile pic I do recommend @madisonW or @TeahWalker, they’re queens at it! But so is @Episode.Harmony


Thanks but none of us should be asking unless she decides to ask for it herself.


You right @JaylaMay but since @MadisonW and @TeahWalker and @Episode.Harmony both work are amazing but I just decided to go with Episode.Harmony for the request of Newspaper and since @Epy.Raven mention about profile pic which I haven’t thought about and honestly I feel like @MadisonW and @TeahWalker can do a profile pic for me. If that’s ONLY ok with them as well. It’s only fair that they also comment on this topic and I thought why not since the other request are taken.


We’d love to make a pfp just go to our thread and request there,