Creating a Sequel with a previous story

I have a question for the community. If you create a great story, and you want to do a sequel with, do you have to recreate your story, or there is another way?

You don’t have to remake it!! Just start with what you left off with in the first one!!

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If you want to make a sequel, you can either add it to the end of your current story, or create another story within the platform.

Basically, you either continue the same story or start a new one but if you add customization/ name picking or both, it’s probably better if you continue the same one, or add the templates and name codes to the new one.

I saw a problem with some stories that end with a few endings and then make a sequel/ new season in a new story and then they just choose one of the endings but if you’l do that and you’re good with branching, you can continue the same one as a 2 or more separate story lines.