Creating a story cover

Hey guys,
I am currently writing my first story and I have zero experience in creating a story cover.
Is anyone interested in helping me make it?
Of course, when the drawing will appear in the story I will indicate that this is your job (if you want to)

These are the two main characters if you can make them appear on the cover that would be perfect (they can be in any position you want!), before I forgot the story title is “Falling for you”

thanks a lot

Try @Episode-Royalty or @EpisodeAfra
They are both good


thank you, I’ll ask them

Thanks for requesting us! @margotEp26 We’d love to make a cover for you if you don’t mind waiting a few days. :smile:

~ Winter :snowflake:

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Thank you very much @WinterMoon05 , that would be amazing and don’t worry I don’t mind waiting :kissing_heart:

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No problem. Great, check out our thread here: Episode Royalty here to help! 👑

Hey, are you looking for a cover?? Well, I am here to help!! Request on my thread and I will do your cover(s) !!