Creating a Story Here and “We” need help!

After coming up with a great idea, with @phlegmatic

I am going to professionally make a story with Male MC’s. Because most of the stories on episode are based on Female Points of view and there are very few on Male POV. So with the saying. @phlegmatic and I made some Male Characters that are alike to our female characters and I thought “wow we should make a story” Her and I have a great sense of humor and it’ll make the story basically funny.

So onto what we need help, I am basically clueless on where we should start with. Do any of you have any tips on how we should make this comedy story? :woman_facepalming:t2:

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the same way you start any story. you start with an idea for a plot.

you can’t just sit down and say I wanna make a story with a male protagonist and it shall be a comedy.

which I can hear is everything you have.

start with a story-line. where shall it start where shall it end. what shall happen in the middle.

something shall start the story . something there push evrything to happen. with my story the mom gets shot. which makes her go on a quest to find her dad

dont ever wing it. if you dont know where you are going .you will not come anywhere.


You have a point. :thinking: We should try and plan everything out before we make the story and go into etc.

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also i recomand looking at her videos. they are pretty good


Thank you! I shall watch the video and take down some notes. :blush:

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