Creating An Episode Wikia (Opinions?)

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So, an Episode Interactive Wikia has been created.
What is a wikia? It is a site that is about a topic, for example, a TV show, company, movie, etc. It’s like Wikipedia, but not as professional. The fun part is that EVERYBODY can edit the pages. Yes, everybody (However it is against the rules to graffiti).

So, I’m thinking that as an amazing community, we can come together to build a site about Episode, where readers will get accurate information.

Here is the LINK.

Here is something else that’s interesting…

The site has achievements/badges. You will get specially customized badges for different things you do. For example, if you make 500 edits on Antagonist articles, you will get a badge with a picture of a text from “A”, and the title will be “The New A”, with a sparkly golden boarder around it.

To get badges you will need to create a WIKIA account. You can edit unsigned in, but you will not receive badges or get a profile that you can edit, and a message wall for people to talk to you.
(PS if you are wondering why not every Wikia has badges, it is because badges can only be turned on by the official staff team at Wikia/Fandom. You will have to contact them if you want to activate it for your own Wikia.)

With that, I hope you like this Wikia. It is important for Episoders to have a site to go on for things like that, and I’m hoping that this site will help others when they need information.

I hope this isn’t in the wrong section or looks like promo, I wanted to spread this to some people that I know are interested in this.

Since I can only put one picture in the post,
Here is an example of what they do. If someone needs a summary of an episode of PLL or another story, they can come on the site for a refresher.

And lastly, here is what the antagonist badge looks like! It’s my fave because it looks the best of the badges imo.

Just an FYI for everyone. We have our own badge system in place for the forums here. Just working on making sure everything is perfect before we implement them. :smiley:


that sounds so fun! cant wait for them!!

How do you quote someone… I can’t seem to find it? BTW sorry if this is a dumb question… :roll_eyes:

First click the reply button (circled red)
Then click the button circled green.
Hope you get it! :slightly_smiling_face:

Testing it out! …aaaaaand it worked! Thank you so much! :blush:

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My pleasure. :slightly_smiling_face:

That Wikia page sounds like a good way to get some light on unrecognized user stories worthy of mentioning. It’s pretty difficult to find the ones that stick out for me, at least.

Not a bad idea! I’d love to visit an episode wiki once in a while.

That sounds creative. That way post aren’t repetitive. If we need help we can look it up or add something ourselves.

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