Creating an OL for my Bg

I have a bg, and would need the railing to the stairs as an ol. Any willing to help or can direct me on how to how to create the ol on my own? Thanks in advance.

If I only have my phone on me, I mostly use MagicEraser, but when I have my iPad I use Procreate (which is easier) to create overlays.

I don’t know what you could use if you’re on Android though because I don’t own any Android devices. :thinking:

I’ve always thought it was better to help/teach people to be able to do things themselves so I’d be willing to guide you through either MagicEraser or Procreate if you’re on iOS. :blush:

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Thanks for responding. :relaxed: I’m on iOS. So you use Procreate?

Do you just upload the bg into the app and then duplicate to create the ol?

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Yep! Procreate is the app I use most for such things.
I insert whatever image I want into the app as a new layer and I make sure the base layer is transparent.

I then use the selection after selecting the appropriate layer. It’s hard to explain without the screen right in front of me (at the moment my iPad is charging and it hasn’t turned on yet because it was totally dead). So, if you need more detail lmk and I’ll send screenshots soon when it has more power!

I then use the freehand selection tool where you have free reign (crop whatever shape you want), but I use the tapping method, when you tap the starting point of where you want to crop and then tap a second point and so on and so on until you go all the way around the overlay and press the starting point again and then you can either remove it with the eraser tool or swipe your (three?) fingers down and remove whatever part of the background was in that selection. E.g for the gaps between the rails, I would tap each corner of the gap and once the gap has been selected (starting point was tapped a second time) I’d swipe down using three fingers, well I’m pretty sure it’s three and remove that gap - you should see 3 options or so when you swipe your fingers down.
You can repeat that process for each of the gaps between the rails.
You can invert the selection you’ve made by tapping the layer (options should come up for that layer) and then crop it out (using 3 fingers to swipe down again), so it would crop out the rest of the background instead of the stairs (once you’ve place your selection right around the stairs). OR you can leave it as is and remove parts of the background the same way you removed the gaps between the rails.

Sorry my explanation is a bit messy, but like I said before, lmk if you need more detail with ss. :sweat_smile:

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I appreciate this. I’ll try to follow your explanation and if I run into any issues, I’ll message you to see if you have time to send ss. Thank you! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Okay! (: And you’re welcome.

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