Creating backgrounds in “Our World”

Does anyone play our world? If so I have 2 questions
1… would we be allowed to use backgrounds (we create in our condo) and use them in episode? (Or is it copyrighted) I would contact them but haven’t got a clue how as I can’t find their contact details.

  1. If we are allowed fo you think the animation of the backgrounds and furniture would fit the style?

:joy::joy: just need opinions as I can’t make my mind up if they would fit in

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If it doesn’t say for commercial use, then the answer would probably be no.

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It doesn’t say anything anywhere lol probably best not risk it :joy:


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u cant use backgrounds from gaming websites. Copyright.

Thank you

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You can make your own background with items from Pixabay (make sure they are free for commercial use) and Paint is a good source (as well as PowerPoint to have a colorful theme for a background)

Also, I checked out ourWorld and one of their terms and conditions (word for word) is:

"2. Copyrights
All Content is copyrighted, and it is either owned or used with permission by ourWorld. ourWorld disclaims any representation or warranty that your unauthorized use of Content will not infringe upon rights of ourWorld or third parties not owned by or affiliated with ourWorld.

Except as set forth in this User Agreement or in the text of this Website, you may not reproduce, distribute, publish, transmit, modify, adapt, translate, display, distribute, sell, license, publicly perform, prepare derivative works based upon, or otherwise use or exploit the Content. Nothing contained in this User Agreement may be construed as conferring to you (by implication, estoppel, or otherwise) any license or right to any Content under any copyright or any other intellectual property right.

ourWorld respects the intellectual property rights of others. If you believe that your work has been infringed by means of an improper posting or distribution of it via this Website, then please see the paragraph below entitled Procedure For Alleging Copyright Infringement."

I recommend going through the terms.

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