Creating busy scene with background characters

I’m not really sure how to explain this but how do I pan to another zone with the characters already there rather than then popping up after the pan

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I tried placing the commands for the characters before the pan but all my characters just ended up being on top of each other in that zone

Maybe try using & command instead of @

Which commands should I replace with & ?

Like after you put a background then &PERSON is talk_neutral and not @PERSON so they don’t just pop into screen


This should work yeah

There also is another way you can first place them just by using @ and after that you can use the pan

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Yup like spot direct them before the pan and let them do the animation after it using the & command

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Thank you so much for this, after moving some stuff around it finally worked! I never knew what to do with the & symbol before. I spot directed and used the & symbol for the animations (&CHARACTER starts dance_loop) before the pan and it came out clean.

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Glad I could help :relaxed:

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