Creating characters based on celebs/pre-existing characters

okay, so i’ve never actually published a story, but i do this weird thing where i remake all the characters from shows i like in the character creator’s portal with no intentions of ever publishing them. i think of it as like, making characters in the sims. i have unpublished “stories” for riverdale, supergirl, glee, winx club, etc. does anyone else do this? create characters based on real people or characters for fun? i would love to see and am more than happy to provide some of my examples if anyone is interested lol.


I have stories in my portal that I don’t intend to publish (that I write for myself) but I don’t have unpublished stories where I’ve remade celebs alike :sweat_smile: Since you can’t publish that anyway, but as long as it makes you happy!


Yeah, I do this too, I have couple of unpublished “fanfiction” stories that I also won’t publish for obvious reasons. I actually write them for myself and my best friend lol


yay i feel validated!


Lol. I’ve been thinking of doing that myself.:rofl:

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yes yes!! i love recreating characters :DD so far i’ve done brooklyn 99, a general celebs one, the good place, the sandman, modern family, castlevania, good omens, stranger things, harry potter and doctor who

Yes I did this once … I made the cast of Anything Goes (the musical, including outfits from the 30s) and I made characters from two character me and my friend made which me shipped to oblivion lol