Creating cover art and title cards


Agreed! It has a decent amount of features! Plus, it’s completely free! A win for me! :joy:

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Hey there,

I use Photoshop, but I’m aware it’s not as readily accessible (and not really worth it unless you plan on making money through it in some way), but GIMP is one of the closest.

The downside to things like Pixlr and is that it’s internet based and that can cause problems in terms of lag and quality. I definitely recommend GIMP since it’ll give you the best quality. It is a bit more difficult to navigate, but I suggest kind of looking things up as you go. The way I taught myself Photoshop is simply by googling things like “how to make transparent png photoshop”. I’m sure you’re more than capable of that since Episode coding can take similar amounts of effort to learn.

In short, GIMP is harder to learn but worth it. You just need to do it in small steps.

Also I’m not sure what phone/tablet you have, but a lot of great free apps can actually be better than some computer apps. A lot of big Episode editors use Apps! Some examples I can think of are Medibang, Ibis PaintX, and Superimpose.

Anyways, I hope that helps at all. :smile_cat:

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I use Adobe Photoshop at school, I have a class that I don’t have to do anything in so I can use photoshop to make the cover arts or backgrounds/overlays for my stories!

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I use Photoshop and Illustrator, but if I’m on a computer that doesn’t have those programs (one of my laptops doesn’t) a site called PHOTOPEA is great! You can open Photoshop files and it functions nearly identically to it as well. Very handy and best of all it’s free! :grinning:


I use Autodesk Sketchbook (Free version on mobile). It’s easy-to-use, and gives efficient results. However, you can only add a few layers in the free version, and have limited brushes/tools. You can upload images, add text (although I prefer Phonto for text), and save your work as many times as you want. It gives a clean look to your edit, and can be used to give even the most minute details.
It’s also available for desktop, and has more features/brushes on the desktop (free) version than the mobile (free) version.
It also has a paid version, with of course, more brushes and tools such as a recording feature, more layers to work with, etc.

Hope this helps :blue_heart:

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That’s definitely something I’ve noticed as well. Sometimes I’ve had to sacrifice the resolution of an image in order to do what I wanted, but GIMP can work with a lot of high res imagery-- as I was saying earlier the only thing about that is all the image compression :sweat_smile:; though I don’t mind because I’d rather have the clearest image possible. I’m very big on the details.

This is how I’ve been learning GIMP as well! I just look stuff up as I need it rather than trying to learn everything at once. It’s been going well that way.

Thanks for the mobile app recommendations as well! I bought the upgraded version of Pixomatic and I love it. I actually made all the covers I’ve used for The Ladies’ Man’s Playbook with it and they came out awesome. The only issue I had with that is scaling everything to the correct size I need because the screen is much smaller than a computer. Other than that, I think it worked wonders.


Thanks, Stephanie! I hadn’t heard of PHOTOPEA but I’ll add it to my list of platforms to try!


@theeloquentwriter This is really helpful! Thank you!

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No prob! I’m quite surprised how few people know about it lol


Honestly if scaling is an issue at all, I still just use MS Paint for that. :sweat_smile:


I mostly make my covers on my laptop and therefore I use Adobe Photoshop myself. For fonts, I often use When it comes to apps, I use: InShot, Phonto and Eraser. :slight_smile:


I used to use Photoshop to make all my background edits and stuff but I’m so poor I had to cancel my membership and now I’m like a lost puppy when it comes to editing software :sob:

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Do you have an opinion on the differences between MS Paint and Paint 3D?


I’ve personally never used Paint 3D, so I can’t say haha.


U can use PicMonkey, and use "Background Remover VideoStir"to remove your backgrounds.

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I used ibispaint X for a while but I’ve recently bought procreate so now I use that.


You can do a few more things with Paint 3D. And like its namesake says, you can draw in 3-D (turn the picture to draw from different angles). I find it a bit harder to use, so I don’t often mess with Paint 3D.


Adobe Art on your phone is good.

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I use a mix of IbisPaintX and Ipiccy for fonts and sometimes placing. I find that IbisPaintX is best for editing characters, and it’s easy to transfer onto your computer to edit on iPiccy. Both are free. :slight_smile:


Is it a phone app?