Creating covers / art for people

Hey guys, I’m the author of Gangsters Girl (by me Lila) and I understand that creating art / covers / edits can be very difficult and stressful! So, I am going to be creating pieces of art for people. Thanks xx Lila

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it means that you are doing some cover arts ??

Yes x

in LLor only INK ?

Ink, but I could try in LL, I suppose.


Do you have examples?



Girl, that look soooooooo good!
Can you do an edit for me?

Awhh thank youu xxxx sure xx could you send it :slight_smile:

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Here’s my character. Thanks a lot!

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Got it, thank you xxxx

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OMFHFGF wow your art is bae.

I was wondering if you could do 2 splashes for me please?

An intro and outro

Here are the character details


Hair: BeachWave Hair - Chestnut Brown
EYES: upturned feline taupe
Nose: Upturned
Mouth: Classic ruby red
Face shape: Oval
Skin: Caramel


Skin tone: Olive
Hair: Black Generic Short
Eyes: Deepset Piercing - Black
Nose: Roman
Face shape: Defined Triangle
Mouth: Classic Terracotta

I will provide more details soon!!

This may take a week or so, but I’ll try my best xx


Thank you xx I’ll probz only be able to do one, but I’ll put them both in that one. Would you like it as into or outro? Xx

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Np love :heartbeat::heartbeat:

As an intro please :sparkling_heart:

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Sure :slight_smile: xx

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Take your time. I don’t mind waiting.:grin:

I’ll try my best xx thank you xxxxxx

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The BG

Outfits are your choice (hope that is okay!)


Here’s some inspo for you.

A sort of cute, romantic pose will do :heart:

If you need any more info, I am happy to give it to you.