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Hello everyone my name in naynay6ful. I am still relatively new to the episode community as an author. And I would love to create new friends here! If you’re in the same boat or would just like to gain new friends don’t be shy and add something about yourself in the post. I’ll start first.

Name: naynay6ful

About myself: I am 21 y.o I currently attend college and will graduate this Dec. Woo-hoo class of 2019! I love ice cream! My favorite flavor is superman! I am a Kanye West enthuasist! My favorite album by him is Graduation. My favorite song right now on repeat has to be “When Am I Gonna Lose You” by Local Natives.

Social Media: My instagram is @naynay6ful

My current stories are: Switch-a-roo & god?

Alright now it’s y’all turn!

P.S Please do NOT advertise your story on this post. You may post your current stories just to let people know you write but don’t post a full blown ad. There’s other post for that. Thanks.


Hi nay! I’m also sort of new to episode as an author and a member on the forum

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My insta is @brandon__episode

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Hi welcome to community! I’m Faith Rose I’m also somewhat new to community and definitely new to episode when it comes to writing on here.
I currently have 2 stories Impossible (Hold on) and Your My Sunshine (unpublished)
I’m 21 years old i love food and writing

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We are already friends right!!!

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Of course girl! :smile: <3

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Nice to meet you! :smile:

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I’m katelyn Evans and I’m 19 yrs old I would love to make some friends I’m also new to the community

My insta is katelyn.stories

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Hi! I’m Yuna and I’ve just started writing a story! I’m 15 years old and I LOVE PIZZA!! My Insta is @episode.ue ! :revolving_hearts:


Nice to meet you Katelyn! I’ll add you on insta right now :smile:

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Nice to meet you Yuna! Pretty name. I will add you on insta too :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

Hi @naynay6ful :wave:

I went ahead and moved your thread to the Episode Fan Community section of the forums since this thread has to do with Episode. Please review our forum tutorial for more info on where to correctly create threads on the forums. Thanks a bunch :v:

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