Creating Extras and Background Characters

Do you create your extras by just calling them EXTRA1, EXTRA2, EXTRA103 and use the character randomizer or do you create them manually and give them names?

And maybe make up a little background story for them in your mind?


For me, I manually make them, and give them names, but if you want to go the easier route, you could just randomize them, and delete their script name. I normally don’t give them background stories since they are just background characters, but if you want, you could give them a background story.


I call them




for each kind of body you can have. I often forget to use my plush size characters though.

to make them I usually just use the randomizer thing, and then change them a bit, clothes I always change, but features, usually I keep doing it to I like a character.

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When I use the randomizer they look so unnatural. I pretty much have to change everything then.

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you just keep doing it, sometimes you need to change one or two details. but if you feel you need to change more just randomize again

example these two look pretty well, though I am gonna change the hair color on the first and nose on the second one

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I manually make my background characters. the randomizer needs an upgrade man… when I first used it a couple of times I thought that thing was making mutants. I had to change everything!
If one of my background characters were going to show up more than once in my story then I’ll give them a little background info other than that I just need them for crowd purposes.

So yeah i manually make them.


I’ve got two of plush sized characters which are based on people I know. That way I don’t really forget them.
I wish they would also have plush sized men.

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I agree. Episode need to work on that. I made a few, but some of them looked like minions or umpalumpas.


LMAOO FAX :melting_face:

Basically, yeah. I like to give them script names based on the scene they’re in or what their role is.

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I name them girl1, boy1, etc. And I manually create all of my extras… I diversify what they look like by using a random number to decide their skin and hair color and go from there.

For ex. For skin, since there are ten “shades.” I randomize 1-10 to decide what shade to use. Then I randomize 1-4 (I exclude the ash color and unnatural colors) to decode what type. (Rose, natural, etc…)

I also just count everything else like hair and stuff and randomize it… I don’t make a story for them unless I plan on them actually talking to MC, because I don’t care for them.

When deciding what clothes to use for them, I just go in order of the colors you can filter the clothing by.

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