Creating Hallucination Scenes

I have noticed in many well-known Episode user stories where when a character is slowly waking up after fainting/being knocked out, they see objects/other characters sort of moving and multiplying (basically the reason why the character is like “how many fingers am I holding up?”). I’m almost there in perfecting such a scene, but I don’t know how the authors keep their characters performing their animations while “walking” because I assumed that you just say “@CHARACTER walks to spot __ AND CHARACTER faces __ AND CHARACTER does it while _____ .” But because they’re walking back and forth pretty fast doing these animations… it just sort of looks weird because right when the character walks again, the animation is interrupted and the character looks like they’re WALKING. This is probably really confusing, but to anyone out there who understands what I’m asking, how do you complete this scene this way? Am i doing it wrong?

On top of that, I notice that authors managed to do these scenes in a way where even if the reader is slower at reading the speechbubbles, the animations still don’t stop and the “multiple characters” keep moving. It’s as if it’s a loop, but with character animations, not overlays. Am I supposed to be doing these scenes with overlays only??

Do you have a visual example or a specific story that uses this?

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First of all, thank you so much for replying! Unfortunately I don’t have an example, and the only one I specifically remember is from Bubblegum by Sarah Dove, however she used it with overlays, meaning the characters were still the entire time, there weren’t animations, and was probably just moving the overlays back and forth. I have a feeling I must’ve seen it in The New Girl by Saige Mercer and Austentatious by E R Gurney (which I think is now a featured story: Episode’s Dirty Dancing). The last two are guesses, but I can’t remember specifically where I’ve seen this.

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I am not sure I 100% understand.

But if you need character to move while doing non walking animation you do the same command but after

does it while you put simply some non walking (prefarably looping) animation. So will the character shift to the place but he will not walk.

I searched up the hallucination I’m trying to display on the internet, it’s called diplopia. It’s just when you see two of everything around you (in my story, the reason why the person is experiencing this is because she fainted). I hope this makes more sense, if not, I hope it’s not too much to ask for you to search up the term “diplopia!” And thank you for your help, I can already think of some good looping animations to use to make it look smoother. But if anyone understands what I’m trying to do in this scene, can you please tell me how I’m supposed to do it, in case I’m doing it wrong?

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I would for this probably used blured background uploades as an overlay and change the opacity to simulate the efect.

Also using copy of the character to have him there twice.
Also what might be handy would be fading of the second character (or both but both on different layer)

weird zooms will also hellp e lot to make the dizzy feeling.

Thank you for your help! I will definitely try changing the opacity of the second character copy to make it look more realistic, and the zooms. However I want to have these copies of character talking and doing animations while I’m moving them around, but because I’m moving them around too quickly, the talking animations don’t even last that long. I will try using looping animations but is there some way that I can have the character(s) walking a lot and CONTINUING the talking animations?

yes I tried to explaint it above but I probably failled to make it understandable - make him do loop talking animation and walk him to different spot

@CHAR walks to spot 1.217 164 179 in zone 2 in 0.1 AND CHAR does it while talk_armscrossed_neutral_loop AND CHAR faces left
@CHAR walks to spot 1.217 124 130 in zone 2 in 0.1 AND CHAR does it while talk_armscrossed_neutral_loop AND CHAR faces left

And so on

Thank you so much for your help! I decided that using animations overall would just make the entire scene look rough and choppy, and decided to use overlays throughout and some blurring. However your help is much appreciated :heart:

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