Creating Magic (Art Thread)


Hi everyone! Welcome to our Art Thread!! A friend and I decided to make an Art Thread Together. So… Here we are.
• So far there are 2-3 of us working on art.
If you want to join us please pm @Queen_K or @Raybadem
• We do have rules so I’m going to list them here


•Be nice
•Don’t rush us
• We have the right to decline requests
• If you have any issues with a person please pm them and don’t spam the thread
• If there is something you want redone you only have 3 chances
• PLEASE don’t request if you are not gonna use it!


•please include
Character(s) Details + outfit (if it matters)
Pose (if it matters)
Background (if it matters)
Text (if needed)
Time you need it by (if it matters)

@lousiewrites - cover
@xox_heatherann - small cover
@epi.camille - large and small cover
@May_colman - art scene
@SarEG - art scene
@Januva - large and small cover
@hanna_montgomery - art scene

I’m going to split this in 2 things just tell us who you want to make your art
Please don’t request all from the same person
We need to balance it out







HOPE YOU REQUEST!! :upside_down_face:

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I need a new story cover ASAP

Can I request a character edit @Queen_K? Love both of your works!




Here’s my character info!


Great! Any specific poses or backgrounds?


Nope! Make me look tough but not too tough if you know what I mean.


Understood! :wink:


Can you do that in at least 3 hours?

If you girls can I will give you a shoutout on insta! I will also close Topic if you can!


I can most definitely try! @MadisonW
If I’m correct you need stitch in a hula skirt with that hat on with a baseball bat?


Yes! Tysm!


I know you don’t want us rushing you but I really need this, I have to have it so i can have it for school, sorry if you feel I’m rushing you!


Give me a few more minutes


How is this

@MadisonW :grin:


@Queen_K and @Raybadem can either of you help me out? Thanks!


Do you need it by a specific time?


No. I am not going to rush you. You can take your time.


Cool! I’ll see if @Raybadem can take this request. :grin:


Okay! Thanks once again!


Hi I will need 4 characters edit, if it’s ok :slight_smile:
You can take 2 each :hibiscus:

I will list the details below: (all girls)

  1. Character: Body: dune, Brow: seductive round, Hair: straight bob platinum blond, Eyes: upturned bold blue, Face: soft heart, Nose: elven, Lips: classic blush. Outfits: lacy heels cream, white cupcake gal tank, pink ballerina tulle skirt, country chic earrings, pink rocker leather bracelet.
    Pose: laugh.
    Background: with feathers.

  2. Character: Body: tan, Brow: seductive arch, Hair: beach wave hair black, Eyes: downturned bold green, Face: soft heart, Nose: upturned, Lips: classic bordeaux. Outfits: gold pendant necklace, emerald sequin crop top, black holiday sequin heels, sport chic leather leggings.
    Pose: eyeroll.
    Background: gwith grey smoke.

  3. Character: Body: light, Brow: defined natural, Haire: fishtail braid fawn, Eyes: upturned luxe brown, Face: soft heart, Nose: soft natural, Lips: thick bubblegum pink. Outfits: calf boots tan, beige belted sweater dress.
    Pose: kneeling.
    Background: in a garden of flowers.

  4. Character: Body: honey, Brow: seductive round, Hair: long braids blue light, Eyes: upturned feline green, Face: round, Nose: refined, Lips: full round taupe. Outfits: moon necklace, white corsed-tied skirt, blue breezy top, calf boots white.
    Pose: painting.
    Background: bedrooms with paintings.

I’m not in a rush :sparkles:
Thank if you can do it :slight_smile: :hibiscus:


Okay! We will try our best!:clap:t4: Thank you for requesting :blush: