Creating Magic (Art Thread)


Thank you :slight_smile: :heart:


It’s perfect! It is morning for me right now so you got it to be at perfect timing!


I was wondering if you could make a cover for me. My story is called The Perfect Player. I was hoping it could have my character in her basketball jersey and normal clothes, showing how she balances her two lives.
Character Details:
Body Color: Caramel
Brow: Seductive Arch
Hair: Black, Straight
Eyes: Green, upturned bold
Face: Soft Heart
Nose: Soft Natural
Lips: Full round toffee
BASKETBALL OUTFIT: Something like this, but can the shorts be longer?



Of course! Who would you like to make it?
Any specific backgrounds?
And lastly when do you need it by?


Can you make it?? I kinda want it to have half of it showing her playing basketball and half with her love interest in the back admiring her (sorry I just thought of this detail!)
Here are some backs:

Body: Tan
Brows: Medium Sharp
Hair: Short Cropped, Cayenne
Eyes: Classic Round, White
Face: Defined Triangle
Nose: Button
Lips: Uneven, Terracotta


@Turtle_Cat don’t worry ur edit is being worked on
Do u need it drawn or just minor edits?
Sorry for taking long


You’re fine! You know I don’t do rush.
Drawn please!




I forgot to ask if its possible for you to make a small and large cover?


Sure it’ll just take longer


Hello Lovelies! I’m just requesting a small cover for my new story and I would like @Queen_K to complete it if possible! Here are the details, please let me know if you cannot do the pose! :slight_smile:
I would like Something Like Kason on the cover as well, along with my episode name xox_heatherann

  • Character 1: Kason
    Black Short Cropped Hair, Caramel skin tone, Thin Arch eyebrows, Blue Athletic round eyes, defined triangle face shape, button nose, small round terracotta lips.

  • Character 2: Demetria
    Honey skin tone, Fawn Beach Wave Hair, Seductive Arch eyebrows, Round bold taupe eyes, oval face shape, Perky nose, Classic terracotta lips.

The pose I’d like is custom (if possible)
Either one will be fine!

The outfits I would like are as follows!

  • Kason ; Tight Black pants, Vneck Tshirt (navy), Casual suit jacket grey, Basic Sneakers (black).

  • Demetria ; Moon Necklace, Valentine Sheer Red Dress, Gold Buckled Black Heels, Braided Red Bracelet.

The background I would like is as follows!

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:


Sure no problem! There is a line but I’ll add u in
Do you need it by a specific time? Also do you want it in episode style? @xox_heatherann sorry for so many questions


Okay! Thank you! If I could have that in INK, that would be great! I don’t need it by a specific time since I’m still currently writing! I’m looking to publish sometime later this month or beginning of next month! :slight_smile:


I’m sorry it looks weird
Let me know if you want a redo
(I’m pretty sure you’ll want one)



That sounds really cool! Can I please get a cover from @Queen_K ? The details are here:

Skin: tan
Hair: straight/charcoal
Eyes: upturned feline/green
Face: oval
Mouth: classic/terracotta
Nose: upturned
Eyebrows: defined natural

Can you please do the guy however you want, but please make him look like a bad boy with tattoos.
If you can, can the girl be sitting on the guys lap and laughing or something similar to That? I’ll be sure to give you a shout out in my story! :two_hearts::two_hearts:


@Noah_Archer here it is
Sorry it took long


Bump! :wink:


Not a problem. Thanks a lot! It’s just like I wanted. :grin:




Can i have a request from @Raybadem?