Creating Male Characters

Hello Episode friends :slight_smile:

I am brain storming ideas for my first story. This is probably the hardest part! LOL I want to do something different, fresh, and exciting. So, Im leaning towards a story where the main character is male and the story will be through his eyes. I am big on diversity so I thought that would be fun for my first story. I am also tired of all the cliche stories with female leads lol

Anywho, My question is how do you write a male character without making it obvious that there is a woman behind it? I want to avoid readers having that moment where they’re like “a guy would never say that!” lol

Any tips would be appreciated! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:


Maybe you can find a writing partner who is a guy, there are some great, male writers on the forums!!


Hey there @Shanni_D. I’m writing a story based on a male it’s called Second Chance At Life. Males, they all have different personalities. It just comes to instinct what guys won’t say. Give me your character’s personality traits


Kinda depends on the personality and life they live. I know a guy that has bad acne carries a pocket knife a lot (not harmful more for show and sheer bordem) And he loves video games. However I know someone who has a family and cracks stupid jokes a lot. Also the relationship with the character they are interacting with chooses the tone.


I havent 100% chose a personality yet but I think im leaning towards a regular guy thats pretty laid back but can be a little edgy. Maybe a ladies man but in a gentleman kinda way? lol idk He has a few secrets but tries to keep it hidden.

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I’ve seen a lot of stories where the mael characters keep saying ‘dude’ or ‘man’ every five seconds. That pisses me off :joy:

Just make sure the male characters are just as developed as the female characters and you should be fine. If you need any help feel free to pm me :smile:


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