Creating My Own Art

I’m in the process of working on two stories, and I really want to learn how to create my own art for each! If anyone has any apps they use or techniques it would be appreciated if you commented them down below! Thanks!!

krita is good and free

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I know that ibis x is a very good app and that you should probably search up videos on making art. They’re very helpful.

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Edits, Art Scenes & Covers Creating (Mobile or tablet)
Ibis Paint X
Autodesk Sketchbook
Procreate < Not free

Fonts, Edits

Background & Overlay Creating

There are many tutorials on how to use all of these on Youtube :slight_smile: It may take a little while to get into drawing but never give up! Practice, practice, practice!


My favorite softwares to use is Photoshop or procreate! They both cost money so it might be good to start with something that is free, but if you know in you that you love art and want to continue drawing after this you should consider these. :slight_smile:

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