Creating My Story


I am creating my first story here in Episode. I need suggestions like, do I have to put more characters in the story or more effects ? Pleeeeaaaasee , need your suggestion :grin:


I dont quite understand what you mean? If did I would do my best to help :slight_smile:


If you need help coding, I’ll help you. But I’m not really understanding…


You can put both, but I don’t quite understand your question.


Hmm, I would suggest first writing your story up on Word Document or your journal, to see how everything will go and you will know exactly how many characters it has. That away, you have your plot ready, and remember to practice coding, too! As for effects, really that’s your choice on how much you want of it. Personally, effects don’t really attract me to a story or the number of characters; it is the storyline that draws me in! I wish you good luck on your writing journey.


Thanks ! Actually, I wrote it before on my notebook and I am having difficulty using the Episode app,