Creating new outfit problem


Like the title, I have a problem when I want to create a new outfit for one of my characters. Because when I have chosen the option “New Outfit”, I can’t change to the character I want to do, and it don’t pop up when I search for it in the panel that says “character” on it. Just three of my group of characters I can change on and see in the panel. All female and not any of my male characters. Please help?

Hug, Bumblebenee

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I don’t really understand the problem, could you possibly show a screenshot? :blush:

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And I have first pressed “NEW OUTFIT” :slight_smile:

I assume that BEAU is a male character :thinking: So you’ll have to change the ‘For’ to generic male.


Yeah, I think you used female generic outfit and that’s why you can’t choose any male characters

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Thank you so much, I’m so blind and didn’t think to look att those :blush:

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