Creating on App Questions?

Hi, I have a few questions about creating a story on the App.

  1. Can you give the reader the option to create custom characters on the app?

  2. Can you import custom outfits/hair onto the app to use in stories?

  3. Can you edit stories to made on the app, on the computer? I know you can’t edit ones you made on the computer, on the app. I was wondering if I could do the basic outline of the story on the app and then get on the computer and make changes later.

Hi! :slight_smile:

  1. No, you can’t do that on the Mobile Creation only on the Web Portal.

  2. Another no, you can’t import your own clothes or hair.

  3. Yes, once you start on mobile you can edit on the portal but as soon you’ll make any changes you won’t be able to come back to Mobile Creation.

Thank you!

Also on the computer do you know the ansswer to this?

Can you make clothes options have different outcomes?

Like for example in programming in general with the if…then, does Episode have the ability to do “if female character is wearing ____” then male character does ____” or can it be done through characters? Like make separate characters for each outfit and then have like “if ___ character” “then male character does ____”

Yes, you can you would have to use gains for this.

Here’s the example of dressing game and if/elif/else coding :slight_smile:

Sweet. And then later can I use the outfit_1 name to have like a character react if that outfit is worn? Like lets say Outfit 1 is a dress and Outfit 2 is a skirt.

Character goes up to a friend and if character is wearing outfit 1 the friend goes “nice dress” or if outfit 2, they say “nice skirt.”

like have that programmed in as a tiny code. Not like create a whole separate path based off of the outfit.

Yes :slight_smile:

You would have to write something like this:

if (gain_name) {
Nice dress!
} else {
Nice skirt!

and then here after the brackets carry on with the story

The game uses Java right? Cause I did Java coding years ago but I am way more used to C++ which uses if/then instead of if/else. Like all programs/text based games I have made are in C++. Lol

I don’t think so but on the other side I have no idea :joy:

I had the same question! I does seem a bit similar to Java but I really do hope someone finds out:) I have been curious about what program Episode uses for the longest time.