Creating Overlays Help

Does anyone know of a good program where you can create an overlay? I am trying to outline an overlay of my character’s arm on GIMP and it just turns out so choppy.

You could try Ibis Paint X (:

^^It’s an app

Yeah, but you can’t do Ibis Paint on a computer.
I don’t have a tablet or anything lol

Oh rip, you could try Pixlr maybe? xD

I could try. I think my problem is that it’s so hard to free erase the background. Does pixlr have a tracing tool where you can trace what you want to keep, and then just erase everything else?
I may just have to try ibis on my phone :rofl:

I hardly use Pixlr now but I remember it has the lasso & magic wand tool xD You could use the magic wand and then click backspace. :rofl:

i use superimpose, but that’s an app. making overlays is easier on the phone for me