Creating overlays mid episode


Hey everybody :raising_hand_woman:

I’m having an issue with creating overlays. I want it to appear mid episode not as part of the background.

The overlay ends up off screen but when I use the portal to place it these are the correct coordinates.

Any ideas to where I might be going wrong?

@overlay RINGBOX create
@overlay RINGBOX shifts to 158 174
@overlay RINGBOX scales to 0.082 0.082


You need to add opacity as well
@overlay RINGBOX opacity 1 in 0


Nope still not working for some reason, the overlay is there but it is off screen.


You have to shift your overlay to the desired zone

@overlay RINGBOX shifts to 158 174 in 0 in zone #



Thank you it worked. I’m actually ashamed at how long I spent on not knowing how to do that


Don’t worry I was the same on the beginning :grin:


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: