Creating own Backgrounds

Hello all :slight_smile:

I’ve been creating my episode so far, and visually I would like to create my own backgrounds. Does anyone know how to go about this, or have any advice, programs used, etc? Some authors on episode have these posh backgrounds which I adore, and I want to be in alignment with copyright rules and episode terms.

Any advice is vital advice and I would sincerely appreciate it <3

I usually use ibispaintx (or I’ll occasionally use photoshop) either on my phone or tablet. Sometimes I just edit episode backgrounds, or I’ll cut parts out from those backgrounds that I want to use. To make my own backgrounds without episode assets, I look up transparent pngs of whatever I’m looking for (desks, chairs, tvs, etc) and I download them. I sometimes look for floor pngs, or copyright free/royalty free images and use those. It takes a bit of practice, but using ibispaintx you can make your own flooring and walls.

I think that’s all I’ve got :sweat_smile: feel free to message me if you need any help with anything!

Thank you for this! I was thinking about photoshop too. I will definitely check out that website <3

Well I’m still new to making backgrounds, I just began making them as I needed them for my own stories, and this way I could get what I’m actually envisioning, rather than attempting to have one made.

I use Ibis Paint to make them, and use images and pieces from places with commercially free sites, then edit them, cut them and in places add stuff I make myself, to piece together what I need.

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