Creating poll / vote options inside story URGENT

Hi, I’m currently programming my very first story, but I want feedback from my readers! :llama:

I want to put up an optional poll at the end of every Episode.

Does anyone know how to code this?

Here’s an example of what I want:

Hi! Thanks for reading this Episode, would you mind giving your opinion on a few things?

(poll code)

“No Thanks”
(end episode)

*I don’t just want the reader to have a “choice” option. I want to be able to check the data
Should I try doing this with a point system?
But even so, I wouldn’t get the data from each reader (which is what I want)

Please URGENTLY let me know if anyone has any knowledge on how to do this?

Thanks! :blob_hearts:

There is no way for the author to see which options get chosen :confused: I wish there was though, it’ll be so helpful! So I’m afraid you won’t be able to do this via the app but you could always do it on here or on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

In that case, I’ll ask my readers to comment on my page and just create a poll there :blush:

I really appreciate the response :blob_hearts:

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Ofc :slight_smile: Are you up for a R4R? :blossom:

What’s that ? :blush:

“Read for read” I read a chapter (or more) of your story and you read one of mine :blush: :tulip:

Sure! I’ll do that :blush:

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