Creating Script - Need Help!


I’m new to episode and I’m really struggling with writing the script as I can’t seem to get my character to enter the screen.

I am using limelight if that makes any difference and I have been following Joseph Evans videos on YouTube.

I am entering this… “@CASEY enters from left to screen left”

However, nothing is happening.

Can someone help?

Can you post rest of the script?

Hi, thank you for your reply.

Please ignore the dots as here is where I’m introducing the story which I don’t want to give away yet. But this part works and shows on preview, however the part where my character enters does not show up on the screen at all.

Also, I have noticed if I add a character customization code the character doesn’t enter either on that. The @CASEY is purple and in italic.

This is legit all I have so far.

Welcome to (Name of story here).

Let’s begin.

@CASEY enters from left to screen left

Do you get any errors?

I don’t.

See image attached.

The red underline is the following words:

Instagram x 2
Instagram username

However, before I even added all of that my character still wont enter the screen. I have tried all the other characters aswell.

I have also tried adding a customization code and the character doesn’t enter with that. !


There’s no screenshot.

Sorry, not sure why it did that.

Try now?

Nothing is really visible here

What is not visible?

The problem with my character entering the screen is visible.