Creating stories

A few days ago, i discovered that it was possible to create your own stories. I was really excited to try it. I tried installing Episode on my phone but doesn’t load so i can’t even access the stories, i installed it on my tablet but this time, it doesn’t load at all, it gets stuck on the loading screen. I tried using a laptop because i really wanted to try creating my story, it was ok until i had to do coding, it is very hard, i tried my best but the story was always having errors even though i’ve written the codes right, so… i’m quite disapponited right now.

Do you need help?

We can understand you, I think everyone felt really confused the first times with the script. Since the guides often confuse me even more, I watched those:

They’re from an official Episode writer and they helpe dme understand. Even if you want to do a story with LimeLight, I suggest you watch all of the INK ones, because the important things are there.

You can also watch the LL ones after that, but he basically says the same things.

If nothing helps and you still have questions, PM me. I would gladly help you with what I know.

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I do I just started episode writing and don’t know how to write my stories at all