Creating Story on Phone

I wanted to do my first on my phone so I can learn a little about it and I also dont really know how use it. Can you still have a good story on your phone even when options are limited for creating the story? Any tips?

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You can still have a good story but the problem is the limited choices for behaviours and clothes and no props

I have written my first story on pc and it was good. I’ve used writing and directing tips

Goodluck with writing

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If you want to do the portal, I can help you :slight_smile:

Thanks you!

I know this will sound stupid, but what exactly is a portal. Im still new to this, sorry. :persevere:

Thats cool! Could you it through the app? That where my story is being created.

I write my stories through my phone, if you want me to teach how to use the mobile creator, feel free to ask

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Sure, thanks! I pretty much know how to use it. But do u have any tips?

if you change a characters outfits before they go onscreen, and when they go onscreen, the outfit hasn’t changed, change it again onscreen

Ok, thanks!

Hey! Im writing a story on my phone. Does anyone have any tips?

So I personally think that if you were to write a story through the phone it will never be up to its full potential. If you ever were to decide that you wanna wright a story through the portal I suggest watching Joseph evens YouTube.
Hope this helps;)

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I agreee that’s where I learned how to figure a LOT of stuff out.

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I wrote my first stories on the mobile creator. I really like the stories, but then I started writing on portal and there were a lot more animations, backgrounds and outfits. However I learned from a friend that you can alter the outfits, and change the script before you publish the mobile story.

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Whats do u mean alter the outfit and what do u mean by change the script?

You can change the outfits, and add accessories and stuff like that. And you can change the backgrounds and add animations.

On the phone?

check my thread here :slight_smile:

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