Creating templates, characters, and more! (free)

Need a template for customizing a dog? Have the idea for your character but don’t know how they look? Have other problems? I’m here to help!
Here’s some examples for what I can do:

  • create a character customization template for people, horses, dogs, and cats, (or whatever else is in the game) with or without limited choices
  • design a character based on the personality description (I will give multiple options)
  • design a plot for your story (I need certain details like genre, specific plot points you want, etc. I am NOT just handing out plots :skull: )
  • create a name customization template with restricted names
  • create a list of names for your character based on personality

And if you have other ideas for what you might want done, feel free to ask! I’m not guaranteeing that I can do your other ideas, but I might be able to. Just so you know, I am unfortunately not very good at working with overlays, so I can’t do much at all with them.


By the way please don’t reply to this post unless you’re interested in me making something for you! :blush:

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Bump even tho ppl might not want this based on results so far

hey im trying to do football game template but i have nothing so far

Hi! Sorry about not seeing this, I’ll get to work on it. What exactly are you wanting? MC is quarterback passing the ball or something?

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no, her brother is. this is what i have for now zayn is the quatarback. he’s the mc twin brother

Hey! do you think you could design a plot for my story?