~ Creating the perfect hug 🥰 ~

Hey! :wave:t4:

So… last night I read a thread about hugging and kissing… and I thought I knew how to create the perfect hug but I keep confusing myself. Below is the info!


&LYDIA walks to spot 0.554 113 242
@LYDIA is run_casual

&LYDIA spot 0.554 115 239 AND LYDIA faces left AND LYDIA is hug_rear AND LYDIA moves to layer 1
@JACK is hug AND JACK moves to layer -1

Pic of how it looks

(If anyone is wondering about the background I’m using, I got it off of a thread that had free backgrounds and overlays. I’ve had it for a while so I can’t remember the exact thread but I’ll try to find it! Also, being that I’m not completely sure where I found it, if its not free, let me know so I can give credit.)

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Thank you! I’ll try it now.


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