Creating your own overlay/background resource thread!

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I have a lot of people ask me what programs/websites I use to create my overlays and backgrounds.
Well… I’m here to spill the beans. :)) I started from rock bottom. I had no idea how to make anything… To put it in perspective… I used google drawings to create my bgs/overlays. :joy: (Not that there’s anything wrong with Google Drawings but the quality is :poop:)

Go to resource: 

To start off I usually search through @lonewolfe 's drive. She has soooo many amazing overlays and backgrounds. It took me a good 3 hours to go through each folder she has. I highly recommend checking it out.
Here’s the link to her drive. Please don’t forget to read the TOU and be sure to credit her if you use anything!

Website used for removing background: 

I love this website because it is free to use and has a super simple interface. I use this for removing backgrounds and making pngs (aka overlays)

Note: I’ve been using this site for a good 3 years and I haven’t encountered any viruses so I’m 99% sure that this website is safe.

What I use for making backgrounds from scratch:

I use a free online site called Photopea. It is similar to photoshop but is much simpler. It took me a while to figure out what all the buttons do but after a little experimenting and searching on google I think I know my way around now. I highly reccomend this site as well. You choose you dimensions and if you want a white or transparent background to start off with. You can also choose which format you want to export your creation as (jpg or png). Check it out.

For text pngs. 

I have been using this site since 2014 and I swear by it. You can do so many cool effects and it’s really simple! It hasn’t been updated so the site does look a little old but it still works great!

Finding Episode safe pngs:

I don’t use this site often (I think I’ve used it once) but I know a lot of people use it. You can download many pngs to use as overlays. I can’t say much about it since my experience is low. Try it out for yourself!

For compressing pngs that are larger than 1 mb:

I love to use this site because it’s super simple to use! All you have to do is upload your png and the site does the rest. It also exports your image as a png instead of a zip file. It also preserves the quality. I can barely tell that the image is a smaller file size. Here’s the link :slight_smile:

If you have any more awesome resources leave them down below! :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Thank you for the heads up! I thought stickpng was safe for commercial use. It has been fixed :heavy_heart_exclamation: