Creative editors out there?💕

The thing is. I’ve already written 5 episodes, and planning on writing my story till the end. But now I’m a little confused. Since English isn’t my first language and I don’t even live in an English speaking country, I’ve realized that I will need help in writing it. Creative editor who could not only correct mistakes, but due to the language differences, (when I translate a phrase I’d usually say in my language, I understand that a native speaker would hardly use the same construction), a person who could help in making the diolages more realistic.
I wonder, since here are so many talented artists who are interested in making arts, maybe here could be people who are interested in writing?:upside_down_face:
And maybe there are people who are not interested in that, but they struggled with the same thing, and could give some advice? Free help, pay for something, is it a good idea to ask a native speaker, or to look for someone in my own country? Have a good day :relieved:


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I’m sorry, you are the most reliable sources I know.

Do you know anyone?

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Hmm… @Jadlyss or @Penny2 might be able to help with your writing : )

A similar thread to yours: I need GRAMMAR help!

Maybe put this in Find a Writing Partner and say you are looking for a proof reader? :thinking:

Thank you for tagging me @JemU776 :slight_smile:
I’d be glad to help you! @BlueWhale
I currently live in the states, so I’d be glad to help you with any grammatical issues.
As for writing ideas, I have a ton of ideas that you could use for your story, let me know if you’re interested!

Thank you:)

Thanks for your advice:)

I’d really like to work with you:) please tell me, is there a place where we could chat more freely and discuss all the details?:slight_smile:

I’ll PM you :heart: