Creative people out there


Could you share a secret , how do you make overlays?Is it some kind of a program? I ask because I don’t want to annoy kind people every time I need one:)


Aww, no it’s not a program it’s this


Oh, you mean overlays?


Gosh I’m stupid, yeah I mean overlays :joy:


Honestly, you can just google whatever you’re looking for and add in PNG

so let’s say you’re looking for a suitcase, you’d go on google and type in: suitcase PNG

There’s also websites that have PNG images , here’s a website to use HERE or HERE


But the thing is, when I find the right picture, it always have a background, and for example for a tear overlay it would be very hard to crop the background correctly, that’s why i wondered how people do this:)
Thanks for the link!


Do you need a tear overlay rn ? because if you go to and type in tear this pops up

the good thing about when you type in PNG after every overlay you want on google is that it’s usually already cropped out and transparent for you.


Actually a good person made it to me, and when I went to the website you’ve mentioned I found the very same overlay, but with two tears instead of one, how do they crop it so perfectly :joy:


That’s it btw!


Now for that, I think they do use programs :joy::joy: but it requires a bunch of patience , there’s also apps in which you can make a png yourself, so let’s say you typed in suitcase PNG and there was a white background with the suitcase, there’s an app that allows you to turn it into an overlay (make it transparent) so that you can upload it as a PNG,


Here’s a thread that might help.

If you have any follow up questions feel free to PM me!


I can turn anything into a overlay


I don’t mind making your overlays… you aren’t a bother… I love doing it!!! :grin: It’s fun!!! So don’t worry… but yes must of us use programs… I use superimpose studio to do mine :grin:


Ok Chay, thank you then :slight_smile:


No problem that is what we at EpisodeStudio are here for