Creative people out there

Could you share a secret , how do you make overlays?Is it some kind of a program? I ask because I don’t want to annoy kind people every time I need one:)

Gosh I’m stupid, yeah I mean overlays :joy:

But the thing is, when I find the right picture, it always have a background, and for example for a tear overlay it would be very hard to crop the background correctly, that’s why i wondered how people do this:)
Thanks for the link!

Actually a good person made it to me, and when I went to the website you’ve mentioned I found the very same overlay, but with two tears instead of one, how do they crop it so perfectly :joy:

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That’s it btw!

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Here’s a thread that might help.

If you have any follow up questions feel free to PM me!

I can turn anything into a overlay

I don’t mind making your overlays… you aren’t a bother… I love doing it!!! :grin: It’s fun!!! So don’t worry… but yes must of us use programs… I use superimpose studio to do mine :grin:

Ok Chay, thank you then :slight_smile:


No problem that is what we at EpisodeStudio are here for