Creative processes

So I just had a brain storm moment where an idea struck me whilst watching tv - I came up with my first full on pure comedy/drama idea… which I am now adding to my list of stories to write but I have to ask…
What are your creative processes, personally whenever I come up with plots for others I can think them up in a snap but when I create some for myself I need to wait for inspiration to strike.
Example of my inspiration moment…

When Caira’s motherhood feels like its reached its end when her beloved children, a tech savy daughter and a muso son move out to pursue their dreams in life, she signs up for an online dating app what will she do when her dates go horribly wrong, and what does caira then do when the one perfect match turns out being her sons mean mother in law…

(No steals plz) xD

plots come completely random for me.
visual surroundings are a big one. One time a YouTube thumbnail helped me create a whole idea for a story. So something as simple as what you see is a great idea runner.

But it doesn’t have to be visual it could literally be a line from music. Like Sucker by Jonas Brothers the line
“I’m feeling the heat in December when you’re 'round me” To me, this tells me a winter/Christmas story with the idea of the title being ‘Heat in December’

Another great one is Colors by Halsey in the song there was a poem that read,
“You were red and you liked me 'cause I was blue
But you touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky
And you decided purple just wasn’t for you”
This is telling a bad romance of polar opposites and polar opposites can attract. It then goes suddenly ‘suddenly I was a lilac sky’ meaning he changed her and there are no longer polar opposites and he is no longer attracted to her.

I hope this helped~♡

When I’m really bored, the ideas flow in.

I once wrote 3 chapters of a book on an airplane!

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