Creative redactor for a comedy🙃

The thing is. I’ve already written 5 episodes, and planning on writing my story till the end. But now I’m a little confused. Since English isn’t my first language and I don’t even live in an English speaking country, I’ve realized that I will need help in writing it. Creative editor who could not only correct mistakes, but due to the language differences, (when I translate a phrase I’d usually say in my language, I understand that a native speaker would hardly use the same construction), a person who could help in making the diolages more realistic, as well as telling his/her honest opinion on an episode, and how to improve it. My creative buddy🙃
If that matters, it’s a comedy plus romance story, so a dood sense of humor is very welcomed😂

If you want some dialogue I could help:blush::smile::hamburger::pizza::fries: