Creative Writing, Poetry and Songwriting!

This is a topic for any stories, poetry and songs you would like to share.

We may even have some lil contests for themes.



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Yay :grin: thank you!

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Here are songs that I have written. Sheet music is included in links below.


Life of a Night Owl

The Good Things

Getting Up Early

Be There

The Wrong Reasons


In Her Arms

The Thrill of the Chase

Your Feature Presentation


I do songwriting, creative writing and everything, but I’m way too insecure abt that so here’s a poem I wrote for English class instead :blob_hearts:

Years ago I discovered a phenomenon called music.

To me, it was quite therapeutic.

Now I listen to genres ranging from oldies to newbies,

Soundtracks from Broadway to soundtracks from movies.

Then one day I came across an artist I’ve admired ever since,

It didn’t take much for me to be convinced.

Because this man made me a promise from the first time I heard his voice,

And when I hear that promise repeated, I rejoice.

For Rick Astley will never give me up,

He will never let me down.

Rick Astley will never run around,

Or desert me.

This man will never make me cry,

Or even say goodbye.

He won’t ever tell a lie,

Or come close to hurting me.

His words bring me comfort in my sorrow,

They give me hope for tomorrow.

And for this I admire you, Rick Astley.

And I, too, will never give you up.

Yes, I rick-rolled my English teacher :woozy_face:


I just… wow. Just wow.


Pfft my teacher didn’t even comment on it - rude. :triumph:

I thought it was pretty great :woman_shrugging:


Never gonnnnnaa giiivvvee youuuu uuup!!


Ooh I listened to a lil bit of The Wrong Reasons.

It’s good!

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I miss writing short stories/poetry so much, but I haven’t had the inspiration for a couple months now :’(( Anyway, here’s some stuff from 9th grade LitMag :grimacing::heart:

May Baby

Men say gods reside in clouds,

disconnected from flesh and feeling;

yet before me: a consecrated woman.

You would fall to the will of earth for me?

You would trade Olympus for mud?

They exalted the cosmos, and still

you would lie beneath me?

I tasted Aphordite’s ichor; it was bland.

I held Eros’ hand; it was cold.

Did you snuff out God’s fire,

or is it that yours is the only

heavenly body I’ve ever known.

I Found You through Mutual Gutters and Lost You When You Said You Had a Therapist

I sit here in the spot where your body died, waiting

as promised. This sacred place

where the earth reclaimed your bones,

protecting it is my livelihood.

Come back to me, and I will know you.

I have guarded this land for millennia, slain

every million of creature that dared come close to you—

each doe-eyed and heavy-footed like you—

aching with a soreness that has ingrained itself

in my next seven generations:

I am Cain, and I would kill a million more.

But I must ask, dear,

are you stalling?

Waiting for you,

the daisy chains I’ve made are insurmountable.

I stood today and fell back down.

My knees have gone.

You’re habit now.

I would know you; I know I would.

I would know you

even if you weren’t

yourself anymore

so please return.

“But would you love me?”

Of course! Of course!

Come to me in any form!

Come to me in any condition!

And the earth rocked with your step

as you approached.

Death has turned you into a ghastly thing,

a beastly thing.

Dressed in moss and soggy remnants of flesh,

inhabited by burrowing maggots,

perfumed with mildew.

I reach out and hold you, finally.

Searching, I hug you tighter,

but I cannot feel you.

You are foreign to me.

Prod the Folds

One day, I will find my body—

maybe flesh, maybe rot—

and I will hold her and cry and say,

“I’m sorry for being careless with you;

I’m sorry for being vain.”

But she’ll spit in my face and send me away

to learn the silent lesson of forgiveness:

not every act of sincerity is rewarded.

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I’ve made quite a few poems and short stories, but I’m too insecure about them :eyes:
Only this one poem (which was a contest on Shannii Forums) am I confident about🤭

Broken promises

Love, what has happened to us?
I thought are love was strong,
You were my everything, my precious,
But I guess my heart was wrong.

Now we have broken hearts,
And fall into tears we cannot longer hold,
We are craving for little parts
Of happiness we once controlled.

Your story was mine,
And I believed every promise you made,
But I wasn’t your sunshine.

I should’ve seen it coming,
But I was blinded by your lies
Of excuses in the early morning.


They are so good!

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