Creators and Gem Choices


I would like to take this time to speak to creators on how their gem choices are represented and how they make the readers feel.

Gem choices can be a great feature. But it can also be used in a degrading and selfish manner.

For example,
Let’s say the MC is about to attend a party that her crush is also attending. The whole school is there!
You’re wearing ugly sweats and a t shirt. Then your best friend walks in, she’s nags you about attending the party and finally you give in.
Your friend notices your outfit and goes off on how she has the gorgeous outfit in her closet that’s she’s 100% willing to let you wear. POOF, GEM CHOICE
You can either wear these disgusting sweats that nobody in their right mind would wear in real life OR you can use your parents credit card, buy gems; and purchase this digital dress.
But here’s the catch,
If you choose the sweats your crush will avoid you like the plague and every teen at that party will down right harass you and treat you like garbage. For the next 10 minutes of the story you’ll be made to feel like complete trash for not buying this outfit! It’s the equivalent to insulting someone’s new hair cut. THEY CUT THEIR HAIR. ITS NOT LIKE THEY CAN UNCUT IT? Same with gem choices. WHY HARRASS ME WHEN I CANT RE CHOOSE THE CHOICE?

It goes from picking a choice to having no choice. I wouldn’t be bothered so much if my MC wasn’t bullied to death.

Frankly, it’s unrealistic. If my friend offered me an awesome dress THERE WOULD BE NO GEM CHOICE. Or, I would just wear something else in my closet? why is it either wear these stained sweats or the super hot dress. Well? Can I just wear something else in my closet without paying gems? No?

I understand that artists go out of their way to create outfits. Their time and effort is worth money/gems, my issue is; the authors and how they implement these choices.

Also, I think it’s boring how clothing choices dictate scenes. How about coming up with something more complex than just “girl wear pretty outfit and she make boys whistle and mean girl cry! Or she wear ugly stuff and gets bullied by the entire party. IM SUCH A CREATIVE GENIUS.”


Use something like a point system or complex choices. I’d rather spend money on that than an outfit that doesn’t even change the ending of the story.

Creators, please stop using harassment and discrimination to implement your choices. You can have a pretty outfit with different outcomes, but bullying shouldn’t be one of them. I understand you convey your story in a certain way, but it’s ridiculous that almost every story on episode uses these tactics.

Sorry if I offended anyone, this is just my opinion.


Ikr. It rlly annoys me when I use gems on the choice and it doesn’t benefit me in any way. PREACH.

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Yeah! Maybe have a gem choice to dive deeper in a certain characters past/backstory or see flashbacks!

I shouldn’t have to pay gems for exclusive outfits or kissing my romantic interest.


To be honest, I don’t really mind that the gem choices don’t make a difference to the story.
I’m not sure if any of you read Choices, but there was one story I quit reading because I felt like I HAD to pay the gems to continue the story properly.
With most featured stories, I feel like I can still enjoy the story even if I don’t spend a single gem because the stories end up the same anyway :woman_shrugging::joy:

It does bother me when you are shamed for not choosing a gem choice. The free option should still at least be decent.

I have a story with gems and that’s basically how I used them.


Totally agree.


Yeah, or I use a point system. Choosing a certain choice gives you points and the amount of points dictate wether or not you can choose a certain scene. I like the point system because you can earn them by playing the story and your choices truly matter. It’s like you’re actually playing a game! That would be cool, if you don’t have enough points but you could use gems to use the choice anyways!

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I know, either gem choices influence the story too much or too little. For example, like you said everyone will berate the MC for not wearing the gem outfit and you’ll miss out on extra scenes, or they’ll hardly make an impact. When the MC rocks up at the party the other characters will say something like “Wow, is that a new outfit?”, then nothing else will be said about your outfit and you’ll have wasted 20+ gems.

Even episode is subliminally making not choosing gem choices a bad thing. I’ve noticed in their stories they say “Just wear the clothes you are wearing.” This really angers me cause it makes the reader feel back like their character isn’t making enough effort or that they should’ve spent gems.

I’m glad you brought this up, I think it really needs to be addressed when writing stories. :wink:

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To be honest, I’m against gem choices. Not so much in featured, but especially User Stories. I don’t think I’ll ever provide gem choices to my readers. :slight_smile:


I totally agree to this! I mean in real life novody even wears clothes that are so old its unrealistic! If you were chosen to wear and old sweatshirt or a gorgeous outfit what would you rather choose in real life the gorgeous outfit right? Make it more realistic! I agree with Zaddy to use the points system, rather than gems use points system to determine if she is worthy to get the clothes or not Goddamn im making a speech

But anyways, Im totally AGAINST gem choices because some creators dont use it for the good of the story, example of gem choices is maybe on demi lovato, the time when you have to choose to let yours fans ride you or your friends and you dont have enough gems to choose either one of them and there you put the gem choice

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